Eleventh Annual Illinois SPEEDWeek Approaches for...
POWRi WAR vs WINS Weekend Set for Traditional Iowa...
Port City Raceway Approaches for POWRi West Midget...
KKM Challenge Registrations Open for US-24 Speedwa...
Karter Sarff Claims Coles County Speedway Win with...
Steven Snyder Jr Snags POWRi Outlaw Micro PA KKM C...
Eleventh Annual Illinois SPEEDWeek Approaches for...

Eleventh Annual Illinois SPEEDWeek Approaches for...

6/4/2024 -
Belleville, IL. (6/4/24) One of the most highly anticipated event weeks for the POWRi National Midget League is rapidly approaching with the Eleventh
POWRi WAR vs WINS Weekend Set for Traditional Iowa...

POWRi WAR vs WINS Weekend Set for Traditional Iowa...

6/3/2024 -
Belleville, IL. (6/3/24) Heading north into the Hawkeye State, the POWRi Wingless Auto Racing Sprint League will once again link up with the emerging
Port City Raceway Approaches for POWRi West Midget...

Port City Raceway Approaches for POWRi West Midget...

6/3/2024 -
Belleville, IL (6/3/24) Remaining true to on-track open-wheel excitements of previous years, the POWRi West Midget League’s next stand-alone seasonal
KKM Challenge Registrations Open for US-24 Speedwa...

KKM Challenge Registrations Open for US-24 Speedwa...

6/5/2024 -
Belleville, IL. (6/5/24) Escalating in intrigue while heading into the heartland in 2024 and welcoming in a renewed demographic of competitors, US-24
Karter Sarff Claims Coles County Speedway Win with...

Karter Sarff Claims Coles County Speedway Win with...

6/14/2024 -
Mattoon, IL. (6/13/24) Karter Sarff would nearly dominate the entire night to earn his fourth career feature win battling at Coles County Speedway, wi
Steven Snyder Jr Snags POWRi Outlaw Micro PA KKM C...

Steven Snyder Jr Snags POWRi Outlaw Micro PA KKM C...

6/2/2024 -
Newmanstown, PA. (6/1/24) Steven Snyder Jr would use patience and precision to pocket the $10K Championship Night payday to win his second straight ye


Chelby Hinton Holds Honors in Micro Mania Preliminary Night Win with POWRi Outlaw Micros

Chelby Hinton Holds Honors in Micro Mania Preliminary Night Win with POWRi Outlaw Micros

Belleville, IL. (9/21/23) Chelby Hinton would lead all twenty-five laps to win Engler Machine and Tool Preliminary Night One of the Lil’ Texas Micro Mania KKM Challenge with the POWRi Outlaw Micro League presented by Rush Race Gear to claim his second seasonal league victory after an intense and action-packed feature event.

Entering a stout field of forty-four entries in the POWRi Outlaw Non-Wing Micro split-field division preliminary night one would find Chelby Hinton set the quickest qualifying night with a time of 12.198-seconds. Heat Race Winners would include Jett Hays, Ryan Winter, Frank Flud, Sheldon Creed, and Weldon Buford. Qualifier Winners would be Darren Brown, Cameron Paul, Chase Spicola, and Chelby Hinton with Caleb Pence and Jacob Severn gaining the hard-fought semi-feature victories.

Flying onto the track for Preliminary Night One feature racing would see nightly High Point Qualifier earner Darren Brown and outside front-row contender Chelby Hinton leading the field to green as Chelby Hinton would hold the front of the field for the first several fast-paced laps of action-packed circuits around the well-prepared Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway as Frank Flud, Colby Sokol, Ryan Winter, Sheldon Creed, Chase Spicola, Cameron Paul, Jett Hays, Brecken Reese, and Kyle Busch all battled inside the early contending top ten.

Extending a solid two-second advantage while working through lap traffic would find leader Chelby Hinton show the fastest path with Frank Flud pacing in second as Colby Sokol, Ryan Winter, and Sheldon Creed battled for third, fourth, and fifth as the caution flag waved around the mid-point of the feature.

Bunching the field back together for a lap thirteen restart would witness Chelby Hinton maintain the front of the field while holding off the steady-and-speedy charges of Frank Flud with Colby Sokol running third as Sheldon Creed and Jett Hays continually swapped spots within the top-five.

Setting the stage for late-race dramatics would witness the pack restarting with two laps remaining as Chelby Hinton would defend the top spot to earn his second career POWRi Outlaw Non-Wing Micro victory as Frank Flud would finish in the closely guarded second spot with Colby Sokol finalizing the podium placements.

“I am really glad I hung on and get a win in this place. I wasn’t letting off at any time even if I was locked in,” said Chelby Hinton in the Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway victory lane for Engler Machine and Tool Preliminary Night One of the Micro Mania KKM Challenge. Adding, “Car got a little worse as the race went on but I never gave up and we’ll get this car right for Saturday”.

Keeping a solid showing all night, Sheldon Creed would place fourth in the final lock-in spot from starting eighth as Kyle Busch rounded out the top-five finishers in the POWRi Outlaw Micro League presented by Rush Race Products feature in Engler Machine and Tool Preliminary Night One of the Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway Micro Mania KKM Challenge.

Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway | POWRi Outlaw Micro League | Micro Mania | 9/21/23:
Dirt2Media Quick-Time Qualifying: 28-Chelby Hinton(12.198)
Metric Cycle Racing Engines Heat Race One Winner: 11J-Jett Hays
Sawyer Chassis Heat Race Two Winner: 61C-Ryan Winter
Engler Machine and Tool Heat Race Three Winner: 81-Frank Flud
Walker Filtration Heat Race Four Winner: 74-Sheldon Creed
HOSS Media Heat Race Five Winner: 01-Weldon Buford
Rush Race Gear Qualifier One Winner: 11C-Darren Brown
Dirt2Media Qualifier Two Winner: 44C-Cameron Paul
Sawyer Chassis Qualifier Three Winner: 12C-Chase Spicola
Eibach Qualifier Four Winner: 28-Chelby Hinton
Engler Machine and Tool Semi-Feature One Winner: 8P-Caleb Pence
Eibach Semi-Feature Two Winner: 50-Jacob Severn
MVT Services High Point Qualifier: 11C-Darren Brown
Super Clean Hard Charger: 80N-Shawn Jones(+10)
Rush Race Gear Feature Winner: 28-Chelby Hinton

Rush Race Gear A Feature (25 Laps): 1. 28-Chelby Hinton[2]; 2. 81-Frank Flud[3]; 3. 24S-Colby Sokol[5]; 4. 74-Sheldon Creed[8]; 5. 51-Kyle Busch[13]; 6. 11J-Jett Hays[9]; 7. 12C-Chase Spicola[7]; 8. 110-Karter Battarbee[15]; 9. 11C-Darren Brown[1]; 10. 80N-Shawn Jones[20]; 11. 20Q-Brecken Reese[10]; 12. 14-Harley Hollan[6]; 13. 93-Matt Carr[16]; 14. 50-Jacob Severn[18]; 15. 44C-Cameron Paul[11]; 16. 21X-Brant Woods[19]; 17. 22M-Sammy McNabb[14]; 18. 3T-Trevor McIntire[21]; 19. 61C-Ryan Winter[4]; 20. 01-Weldon Buford[12]; 21. 8P-Caleb Pence[17]; 22. 82-Seth Shebester[22].

Eibach B Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 8P-Caleb Pence[2]; 2. 21X-Brant Woods[1]; 3. 3T-Trevor McIntire[4]; 4. 24T-Glenn James Bratti[5]; 5. 02-Kelvin Lewis[3]; 6. 31BW-Braxton Weger[8]; 7. 62-Rachel Zabawa[6]; 8. 6K-Brylee Kilmer[7]; 9. 44M-Matt Ebarb[10]; 10. 98-Ed Libonati[9]; 11. 171-Alex Caldwell[11]; 12. 00-JUSTUS INESS[14]; 13. 11M-Lawrence Mann Jr[13]; 14. 55X-Connor Chamberlain[12].

Engler Machine Tool B Feature 2 (12 Laps): 1. 50-Jacob Severn[1]; 2. 80N-Shawn Jones[3]; 3. 82-Seth Shebester[2]; 4. 5C-Cooper Miller[8]; 5. 2-Koen Crawford[4]; 6. 8B-Mickey Bullock[7]; 7. 224-Harley Whatley[13]; 8. 41-Chuck Dunlap[11]; 9. 5P-Luke Porter[6]; 10. 24K-Kendyl Guillot[10]; 11. 7P-Taylor Hart[14]; 12. 57-Jacob Lucas[5]; 13. 28P-Fredrick Fezard[9]; 14. 33-Daniel Robinson[12].

Metric Cycle Racing Engines Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 11J-Jett Hays[2]; 2. 44C-Cameron Paul[1]; 3. 28-Chelby Hinton[4]; 4. 51-Kyle Busch[3]; 5. 24T-Glenn James Bratti[8]; 6. 5P-Luke Porter[6]; 7. 5C-Cooper Miller[5]; 8. 6K-Brylee Kilmer[7]; 9. 00-JUSTUS INESS[9]

Sawyer Chassis Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 61C-Ryan Winter[3]; 2. 12C-Chase Spicola[2]; 3. 20Q-Brecken Reese[4]; 4. 02-Kelvin Lewis[6]; 5. 62-Rachel Zabawa[7]; 6. 44M-Matt Ebarb[9]; 7. 41-Chuck Dunlap[8]; 8. 8B-Mickey Bullock[5]; 9. 31BW-Braxton Weger[1].

Engler Machine Tool Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 81-Frank Flud[3]; 2. 11C-Darren Brown[4]; 3. 8P-Caleb Pence[1]; 4. 21X-Brant Woods[7]; 5. 80N-Shawn Jones[2]; 6. 28P-Fredrick Fezard[6]; 7. 11M-Lawrence Mann Jr[9]; 8. 224-Harley Whatley[8]; 9. 171-Alex Caldwell[5].

Walker Filtration Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 74-Sheldon Creed[2]; 2. 14-Harley Hollan[3]; 3. 24S-Colby Sokol[4]; 4. 3T-Trevor McIntire[6]; 5. 57-Jacob Lucas[8]; 6. 50-Jacob Severn[5]; 7. 24K-Kendyl Guillot[7]; 8. 98-Ed Libonati[1]; 9. 7P-Taylor Hart[9].

Hoss Media Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 01-Weldon Buford[2]; 2. 93-Matt Carr[5]; 3. 110-Karter Battarbee[3]; 4. 82-Seth Shebester[7]; 5. 2-Koen Crawford[8]; 6. 22M-Sammy McNabb[4]; 7. 33-Daniel Robinson[1]; 8. 55X-Connor Chamberlain[6].

Rush Race Gear Qualifier 1 (10 Laps): 1. 11C-Darren Brown[4]; 2. 74-Sheldon Creed[2]; 3. 51-Kyle Busch[1]; 4. 20Q-Brecken Reese[3]; 5. 21X-Brant Woods[6]; 6. 24T-Glenn James Bratti[7]; 7. 8P-Caleb Pence[5]; 8. 8B-Mickey Bullock[9]; 9. 24K-Kendyl Guillot[10]; 10. 28P-Fredrick Fezard[8].

Dirt2Media Qualifier 2 (10 Laps): 1. 44C-Cameron Paul[1]; 2. 24S-Colby Sokol[3]; 3. 61C-Ryan Winter[4]; 4. 01-Weldon Buford[2]; 5. 82-Seth Shebester[6]; 6. 57-Jacob Lucas[8]; 7. 80N-Shawn Jones[5]; 8. 31BW-Braxton Weger[9]; 9. 5C-Cooper Miller[7]; 10. 41-Chuck Dunlap[10].

Sawyer Chassis Qualifier 3 (10 Laps): 1. 12C-Chase Spicola[2]; 2. 81-Frank Flud[4]; 3. 11J-Jett Hays[3]; 4. 93-Matt Carr[1]; 5. 2-Koen Crawford[8]; 6. 02-Kelvin Lewis[5]; 7. 62-Rachel Zabawa[6]; 8. 5P-Luke Porter[7]; 9. 44M-Matt Ebarb[9]; 10. 55X-Connor Chamberlain[10].

Eibach Qualifier 4 (10 Laps): 1. 28-Chelby Hinton[4]; 2. 14-Harley Hollan[3]; 3. 22M-Sammy McNabb[1]; 4. 50-Jacob Severn[6]; 5. 110-Karter Battarbee[2]; 6. 3T-Trevor McIntire[5]; 7. 6K-Brylee Kilmer[10]; 8. 98-Ed Libonati[8]; 9. 171-Alex Caldwell[9]; 10. (DNS) 33-Daniel Robinson.

Dirt2Media Qualifying 1: 1. 28-Chelby Hinton, 00:12.198[28]; 2. 20Q-Brecken Reese, 00:12.202[6]; 3. 11C-Darren Brown, 00:12.253[1]; 4. 24S-Colby Sokol, 00:12.266[20]; 5. 22M-Sammy McNabb, 00:12.349[37]; 6. 51-Kyle Busch, 00:12.389[8]; 7. 61C-Ryan Winter, 00:12.431[36]; 8. 81-Frank Flud, 00:12.437[13]; 9. 14-Harley Hollan, 00:12.478[30]; 10. 110-Karter Battarbee, 00:12.483[14]; 11. 11J-Jett Hays, 00:12.495[2]; 12. 12C-Chase Spicola, 00:12.499[3]; 13. 80N-Shawn Jones, 00:12.524[11]; 14. 74-Sheldon Creed, 00:12.551[34]; 15. 01-Weldon Buford, 00:12.566[29]; 16. 44C-Cameron Paul, 00:12.568[26]; 17. 31BW-Braxton Weger, 00:12.584[43]; 18. 8P-Caleb Pence, 00:12.677[16]; 19. 98-Ed Libonati, 00:12.683[7]; 20. 33-Daniel Robinson, 00:12.731[22]; 21. 5C-Cooper Miller, 00:12.735[23]; 22. 8B-Mickey Bullock, 00:12.737[19]; 23. 171-Alex Caldwell, 00:12.753[32]; 24. 50-Jacob Severn, 00:12.759[21]; 25. 93-Matt Carr, 00:12.764[38]; 26. 5P-Luke Porter, 00:12.771[40]; 27. 02-Kelvin Lewis, 00:12.775[42]; 28. 28P-Fredrick Fezard, 00:12.788[17]; 29. 3T-Trevor McIntire, 00:12.794[44]; 30. 55X-Connor Chamberlain, 00:12.801[39]; 31. 6K-Brylee Kilmer, 00:12.802[18]; 32. 62-Rachel Zabawa, 00:12.849[27]; 33. 21X-Brant Woods, 00:12.881[9]; 34. 24K-Kendyl Guillot, 00:12.889[25]; 35. 82-Seth Shebester, 00:12.898[41]; 36. 24T-Glenn James Bratti, 00:12.917[24]; 37. 41-Chuck Dunlap, 00:13.024[10]; 38. 224-Harley Whatley, 00:13.056[31]; 39. 57-Jacob Lucas, 00:13.077[35]; 40. 2-Koen Crawford, 00:13.194[15]; 41. 00-JUSTUS INESS, 00:13.262[33]; 42. 44M-Matt Ebarb, 00:13.308[12]; 43. 11M-Lawrence Mann Jr, 00:13.312[4]; 44. 7P-Taylor Hart, 00:14.289[5].

Next up the POWRi Outlaw Micro League presented by Engler Machine & Tool will be returning to action at Lil Texas Motor Speedway for Micro Mania on September 21-23.

Winners of each $10K to win finale events at the Sweet Springs’ KKM Challenge Race and the TMS Micro Mania will each receive automatic entry into Saturday’s Dash in the KKM Giveback Classic at Port City Raceway on October 21st. The overall event winner at Port City Raceway will get the decision of the $15,000 lump sum prize or a ride in a Keith Kunz Motorsports entry at the Chili Bowl along with $7,500 cash from KKM and FloRacing.

All the action is available LIVE or On-Demand through www.Dirt2Media.TV.

Additional Micro Mania information and further details about Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway can be found online at www.powri.com/micromania.

Follow along for more information such as race recaps, updates, full results, and press releases online at www.powri.com, on Twitter & Instagram at @POWRi_Racing, or on Facebook at POWRi.