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Entries Open as POWRi Readies for December 16th Ju...

Entries Open as POWRi Readies for December 16th Ju...

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POWRi Adds Outlaw Non-Wing Micros for December 16t...

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Ayrton Gennetten Garners POWRi 410 Bandit Outlaw S...

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Jack Wagner Joins POWRi Wingless Auto Racing Sprin...

10/8/2023 -
Belleville, IL. (10/8/23) Escalating the competitional advantage in eleven events throughout the 2023 racing season, the POWRi Wingless Auto Racing Sp


Gavin Miller Masters SSMC’s KKM Challenge Night One Win with POWRi Outlaw Micros

Gavin Miller Masters SSMC’s KKM Challenge Night One Win with POWRi Outlaw Micros

Belleville, IL. (9/7/23) Gavin Miller would advance five positions early then lead the final twenty-three laps to win the KKM Challenge at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex with the POWRi Outlaw Micro League presented by Engler Machine & Tool on Preliminary Night One to claim his inaugural seasonal league victory.

Entering a stout field of fifty-six entries in the POWRi Outlaw Non-Wing Micro division, Gavin Miller would clock the quickest qualifying time with a 12.517-second lap. Heat race winners would include Tyler Kuykendall, Peter Smith, Jaxon Bishop, Jett Hayes, Corbin Rueschenberg, and Aiden Purdue with Jaxon Bishop, Steven Snyder Jr., Braden Chiaramonte, and Jett Hayes each claiming qualifier victories as Kenton Brewer and Kale Drake would earn the semi-feature wins.

Flying onto the track for Preliminary Night feature racing would see high point qualifier Steven Snyder Jr. and outside front-row contender Jaxon Bishop leading the field to green as Steven Snyder Jr. would hold the front of the field for the first five circuits around Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex as a remarkable test of driving skills would be displayed behind the front-running few.

Early feature racing action would find Gavin Miller overtaking for the lead on lap three with Peter Smith, Steven Snyder Jr., Chelby Hinton, and Jett Hayes maintaining solid showings while battling intently inside the running top-five.

Restarting from a mid-race caution on lap twelve would witness Gavin Miller establishing another great run at the front of the field as Steven Snyder Jr., Aiden Purdue, Johnny Boland, and Jett Hayes raced inside the top-five as the laps began to click away at a rapid rate with action aplenty throughout the tight pack of drivers.

Stretching into a commanding lead, Gavin Miller would appear to be a mission by checking out on the field as Steven Snyder Jr. and Aiden Purdue would swap sliders on both ends of the speedway for the runner-up position as a caution would wave to restack the field for a late-race restart.

Launching back into green flag action with four laps remaining would witness Gavin Miller hold steady in the prized position to earn his first career POWRi Outlaw Non-Wing Micro feature win as Aiden Purdue would finish second with Steven Snyder Jr. rounding out the final podium placement.

“I have to thank Keith and the team for giving me a great car and to the track for giving us multiple lanes of racing,” said Gavin Miller in the Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex victory lane for Night One of the KKM challenge. Adding, “It took me a couple of laps to get going but once I got into a good rhythm, I knew I had a good shot at the win”.

Maintaining a solid showing all event, Jett Hayes would place fourth as Kale Drake would hard-charge from eighteenth to round out the top-five finishers in the POWRi Outlaw Micro League main event in Preliminary Night One of the KKM Challenge at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex.

Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex | POWRi Outlaw Micro League | KKM Challenge | 9/7/23:
Hoosier Racing Tire Quick Qualifying Time: 71-Gavin Miller(12.517)
Advanced Racing Suspension Heat Race 1 Winner: 8K-Tyler Kuykendall
Auto Meter Heat Race 2 Winner: 5S-Peter Smith
Schure Built Suspensions Heat Race 3 Winner: 94-Jaxon Bishop
AFCO Racing Heat Race 4 Winner: 11J-Jett Hayes
Rod End Supply Heat Race 5 Winner: 26-Corbin Rueschenberg
Engler Machine Heat Race 6 Winner: 37-Aiden Purdue
Schoenfeld Headers Qualifier 1 Winner: 94-Jaxon Bishop
Racing Electronics Qualifier 2 Winner: 95-Steven Snyder Jr
Diversified Machine Qualifier 3 Winner: 73B-Braden Chiaramonte
Driven Midwest Qualifier 4 Winner: 11J-Jett Hayes
MVT Services High Point Qualifier: 95-Steven Snyder Jr.
Max Papis Innovations Semi-Feature 1 Winner: 7K-Kenton Brewer
KSE Semi-Feature 2 Winner: 26K-Kale Drake
Super Clean Hard Charger: 26K-Kale Drake(+13)
Toyota Racing Development Feature Winner: 71-Gavin Miller

A Feature 1 (25 Laps): 1. 71-Gavin Miller[6]; 2. 37-Aiden Purdue[10]; 3. 95-Steven Snyder Jr[1]; 4. 11J-Jett Hays[5]; 5. 26K-Kale Drake[18]; 6. 28-Chelby Hinton[11]; 7. 73B-Braden Chiaramonte[7]; 8. 12K-Dylan Kadous[14]; 9. 8K-Tyler Kuykendall[12]; 10. 81-Frank Flud[22]; 11. 24S-Colby Sokol[8]; 12. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg[13]; 13. 7K-Kenton Brewer[17]; 14. 89-Gunner Setser[20]; 15. 20Q-Brecken Reese[21]; 16. 44-Cory Kelley[24]; 17. 5-Ryder McCutcheon[9]; 18. 8H-Matthew Howard[19]; 19. 25S-Justis Sokol[23]; 20. 1V-Johnny Boland[3]; 21. 82S-Austin Saunders[15]; 22. 93-Matt Carr[16]; 23. 5S-Peter Smith[4]; 24. 94-Jaxon Bishop[2].

B Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. 7K-Kenton Brewer[4]; 2. 8H-Matthew Howard[13]; 3. 20Q-Brecken Reese[6]; 4. 25S-Justis Sokol[1]; 5. 33-Cruz Dickerson[5]; 6. 57-Cam Sorrels[2]; 7. 67JR-Waylon Phillips[9]; 8. 12C-Chase Spicola[7]; 9. 25B-Chevy Boyer[17]; 10. 91-Jason McDougal[14]; 11. 88M-Maxon Crabdree[10]; 12. 32L-Brian Lunsford[19]; 13. 24G-Greyson Springer[20]; 14. 14G-Madelyn Gjerness[3]; 15. 98-Ed Libonati[16]; 16. 38-Riley Osantowski[11]; 17. 35-Jimmy Staton[18]; 18. 21-Keegan Osantowski[8]; 19. 71R-Ryan Repko[12]; 20. 4-Brett Combs[15].

B Feature 2 (12 Laps): 1. 26K-Kale Drake[4]; 2. 89-Gunner Setser[1]; 3. 81-Frank Flud[12]; 4. 44-Cory Kelley[2]; 5. 4J-Jaylon Mills[5]; 6. 11C-Darren Brown[9]; 7. 19S-Sam Johnson[7]; 8. 32K-Andrew Felker[13]; 9. 48S-Trey Schleicher[14]; 10. 61-Cole Tinsley[10]; 11. 20-Anthony Salmons[11]; 12. 16-Chase Porter[6]; 13. 99K-Seth Stenzel[17]; 14. 51K-Blake Cisneros[15]; 15. 43-Jack Thomas[19]; 16. 5P-Luke Porter[16]; 17. 52JR-Conner Long[8]; 18. 51-Kyle Busch[3]; 19. 01-Weldon Buford[18]; 20. 16C-Sam Coleman[20].

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 8K-Tyler Kuykendall[1]; 2. 71-Gavin Miller[4]; 3. 26K-Kale Drake[2]; 4. 51-Kyle Busch[3]; 5. 21-Keegan Osantowski[5]; 6. 67JR-Waylon Phillips[8]; 7. 61-Cole Tinsley[6]; 8. 25B-Chevy Boyer[9]; 9. 48S-Trey Schleicher[7]; 10. (DNS) 24G-Greyson Springer.

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 5S-Peter Smith[3]; 2. 95-Steven Snyder Jr[4]; 3. 20Q-Brecken Reese[2]; 4. 44-Cory Kelley[5]; 5. 57-Cam Sorrels[1]; 6. 16-Chase Porter[6]; 7. 8H-Matthew Howard[7]; 8. 51K-Blake Cisneros[8]; 9. 32L-Brian Lunsford[9]; 10. (DNS) 16C-Sam Coleman.

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 94-Jaxon Bishop[3]; 2. 1V-Johnny Boland[4]; 3. 82S-Austin Saunders[2]; 4. 33-Cruz Dickerson[8]; 5. 52JR-Conner Long[6]; 6. 12C-Chase Spicola[7]; 7. 4-Brett Combs[9]; 8. 71R-Ryan Repko[1]; 9. (DNS) 01-Weldon Buford.

Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 11J-Jett Hays[2]; 2. 25S-Justis Sokol[1]; 3. 73B-Braden Chiaramonte[3]; 4. 89-Gunner Setser[5]; 5. 11C-Darren Brown[6]; 6. 12K-Dylan Kadous[4]; 7. 32K-Andrew Felker[8]; 8. 99K-Seth Stenzel[9]; 9. 98-Ed Libonati[7].

Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg[1]; 2. 5-Ryder McCutcheon[3]; 3. 93-Matt Carr[2]; 4. 28-Chelby Hinton[4]; 5. 19S-Sam Johnson[5]; 6. 38-Riley Osantowski[6]; 7. 91-Jason McDougal[8]; 8. 35-Jimmy Staton[9]; 9. 5P-Luke Porter[7].

Heat 6 (8 Laps): 1. 37-Aiden Purdue[2]; 2. 24S-Colby Sokol[4]; 3. 7K-Kenton Brewer[7]; 4. 20-Anthony Salmons[8]; 5. 4J-Jaylon Mills[5]; 6. 14G-Madelyn Gjerness[3]; 7. 88M-Maxon Crabdree[6]; 8. 81-Frank Flud[1]; 9. 43-Jack Thomas[9].

Qualifier 1 (10 Laps): 1. 94-Jaxon Bishop[3]; 2. 8K-Tyler Kuykendall[1]; 3. 28-Chelby Hinton[2]; 4. 12K-Dylan Kadous[5]; 5. 71-Gavin Miller[4]; 6. 14G-Madelyn Gjerness[6]; 7. 16-Chase Porter[9]; 8. 52JR-Conner Long[8]; 9. 21-Keegan Osantowski[7]; 10. (DNS) 81-Frank Flud.

Qualifier 2 (10 Laps): 1. 95-Steven Snyder Jr[4]; 2. 37-Aiden Purdue[2]; 3. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg[5]; 4. 24S-Colby Sokol[3]; 5. 44-Cory Kelley[6]; 6. 7K-Kenton Brewer[7]; 7. 12C-Chase Spicola[10]; 8. 11C-Darren Brown[8]; 9. 26K-Kale Drake[1]; 10. (DNS) 71R-Ryan Repko.

Qualifier 3 (10 Laps): 1. 73B-Braden Chiaramonte[2]; 2. 1V-Johnny Boland[4]; 3. 5-Ryder McCutcheon[3]; 4. 89-Gunner Setser[6]; 5. 93-Matt Carr[5]; 6. 33-Cruz Dickerson[8]; 7. 67JR-Waylon Phillips[10]; 8. 19S-Sam Johnson[7]; 9. 38-Riley Osantowski[9]; 10. 20Q-Brecken Reese[1].

Qualifier 4 (10 Laps): 1. 11J-Jett Hays[3]; 2. 5S-Peter Smith[4]; 3. 82S-Austin Saunders[1]; 4. 57-Cam Sorrels[6]; 5. 25S-Justis Sokol[5]; 6. 4J-Jaylon Mills[7]; 7. 88M-Maxon Crabdree[10]; 8. 61-Cole Tinsley[9]; 9. 51-Kyle Busch[2]; 10. 20-Anthony Salmons[8].

Qualifying 1: 1. 71-Gavin Miller, 00:12.517[5]; 2. 95-Steven Snyder Jr, 00:12.535[38]; 3. 1V-Johnny Boland, 00:12.585[13]; 4. 12K-Dylan Kadous, 00:12.590[22]; 5. 28-Chelby Hinton, 00:12.598[18]; 6. 24S-Colby Sokol, 00:12.607[14]; 7. 51-Kyle Busch, 00:12.616[17]; 8. 5S-Peter Smith, 00:12.618[37]; 9. 94-Jaxon Bishop, 00:12.637[9]; 10. 73B-Braden Chiaramonte, 00:12.639[30]; 11. 5-Ryder McCutcheon, 00:12.655[29]; 12. 14G-Madelyn Gjerness, 00:12.659[23]; 13. 26K-Kale Drake, 00:12.666[3]; 14. 20Q-Brecken Reese, 00:12.668[16]; 15. 82S-Austin Saunders, 00:12.705[43]; 16. 11J-Jett Hays, 00:12.709[39]; 17. 93-Matt Carr, 00:12.742[24]; 18. 37-Aiden Purdue, 00:12.744[45]; 19. 8K-Tyler Kuykendall, 00:12.757[1]; 20. 57-Cam Sorrels, 00:12.767[20]; 21. 71R-Ryan Repko, 00:12.771[28]; 22. 25S-Justis Sokol, 00:12.821[40]; 23. 26-Corbin Rueschenberg, 00:12.823[34]; 24. 81-Frank Flud, 00:12.833[4]; 25. 21-Keegan Osantowski, 00:12.844[15]; 26. 44-Cory Kelley, 00:12.846[47]; 27. 01-Weldon Buford, 00:12.847[21]; 28. 89-Gunner Setser, 00:12.856[42]; 29. 19S-Sam Johnson, 00:12.862[46]; 30. 4J-Jaylon Mills, 00:12.875[55]; 31. 61-Cole Tinsley, 00:12.878[19]; 32. 16-Chase Porter, 00:12.880[35]; 33. 52JR-Conner Long, 00:12.890[33]; 34. 11C-Darren Brown, 00:12.891[54]; 35. 38-Riley Osantowski, 00:12.898[7]; 36. 88M-Maxon Crabdree, 00:12.900[44]; 37. 48S-Trey Schleicher, 00:12.909[11]; 38. 8H-Matthew Howard, 00:12.911[53]; 39. 12C-Chase Spicola, 00:12.915[31]; 40. 98-Ed Libonati, 00:12.941[6]; 41. 5P-Luke Porter, 00:12.950[2]; 42. 7K-Kenton Brewer, 00:12.970[41]; 43. 67JR-Waylon Phillips, 00:12.973[49]; 44. 51K-Blake Cisneros, 00:13.011[36]; 45. 33-Cruz Dickerson, 00:13.011[25]; 46. 32K-Andrew Felker, 00:13.032[12]; 47. 91-Jason McDougal, 00:13.052[48]; 48. 20-Anthony Salmons, 00:13.065[8]; 49. 25B-Chevy Boyer, 00:13.080[51]; 50. 32L-Brian Lunsford, 00:13.103[32]; 51. 4-Brett Combs, 00:13.132[10]; 52. 99K-Seth Stenzel, 00:13.257[52]; 53. 35-Jimmy Staton, 00:13.419[50]; 54. 43-Jack Thomas, 00:13.466[56]; 55. 24G-Greyson Springer, 01:00.000[27]; 56. 16C-Sam Coleman, 01:00.001[26].

Next up the POWRi Outlaw Micro League presented by Engler Machine & Tool will be returning to action at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex for Preliminary Night Two of the KKM Challenge on Friday, September 8th followed by Championship Night on Saturday, September 9th.

Winners of each $10K to win finale events at the Sweet Springs’ KKM Challenge Race and the TMS Micro Mania will each receive automatic entry into Saturday’s Dash in the KKM Giveback Classic at Port City Raceway on October 21st. The overall event winner at Port City Raceway will get the decision of the $15,000 lump sum prize or a ride in a Keith Kunz Motorsports entry at the Chili Bowl along with $7,500 cash from KKM and FloRacing.

All the action is available LIVE or On-Demand through www.Dirt2Media.TV.

Additional Keith Kunz Motorsports Challenge event information at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex is available online at http://www.powri.com/kkmsweetsprings/.

Follow along for more information such as race recaps, updates, full results, and press releases online at www.powri.com, on Twitter & Instagram at @POWRi_Racing, or on Facebook at POWRi.